Sharing stories 

Josh and I have been brainstorming and talking about what all makes a blog worth reading. Ideas of things I have to share on here are sometimes run by my lovingly supportive husband who I can always count on to be honest, to tell me what’s what. He brought up an interesting point to me today, saying that what makes hunting and fishing so interesting to read about, are the stories. Stories! Brilliant. I love hearing stories. I love writing stories. I love living stories. There’s so much we over look when it comes to story telling in our current plugged in Internet lives. Our history as human beings is comprised of stories, and our ancestors have told hunting and fishing stories since the beginning of language itself. Even before written language, in cave drawings we see triumphs and tragedy, victorious hunting escapades and then misfortunes- we have a glimpse at our rawest pastime through these images- these stories bring us back to our primal existence. Human culture worldwide was once very much based around these oral traditions, passing stories down from one generation to the next. I think that as I recognize I may not have a gift for leading a story telling session around a campfire, the best way I can document our life’s adventures is by writing them down. I love that, and the idea that we can one day look back at these and say, “Oh yeah, I remember that! That was awesome/crazy,” is something I’d be proud to share and have a part of doing.  

What are your favorite types of stories ? What’s a story that’s kept you on the edge of your seat- clinging on every word in order to hear the rest? What’s your story? 


Raising Our Photography Game

So we’re thinking about saving up and putting some money aside for a decent camera. Not that I’m not amazed at the quality photos my iPhone takes, or surprised by some of the shots our hand-me-down decade old canon takes… But! It may just be time to take a major leap forward into more professional… Continue reading Raising Our Photography Game

WordPress Learning curve and upcoming posts 

Hello hello! Awesome adventure and fishing trip posts to come, I’m so excited to have my blog up and running. But I do have to say, there’s so much about WordPress I don’t know how to work ! Ahh! It’s simple enough to get a post up with photos and such, but as soon as it comes to designing the format and customizing I get confounded. Maybe it’s that I don’t have a ton of time to just sit and figure everything out on top of all my other duties as a wife and mama… So please bear with me on this learning curve, I promise I’m trying ! If anyone has some tips or advice, definitely key me in.

So as I’m brainstorming blog ideas to come, I want to hear from you! What you want to see and hear and learn about! I’m thinking some delectable recipes with wild game or self caught fish is in order. Or ooo! The home made healthful packed every day snacks that fuel our expeditions?! I’m talking vegan energy balls, homemade jerky, chile mangoes, pic-nic friendly wraps. All of it? Well okay! I’ll get to work

About Sage Rising

  Welcome to my blog Sage Rising! A little bit about myself before I get started sharing my adventures and general good times: I’m Gabriela Suggs, or Gabi, originally from Santa Fe, but I find myself calling Colorado home nowadays. I had an idea to start a blog where I could share my all my… Continue reading About Sage Rising

Our Backyard Destination Wedding

I guess I would call myself part of a minority. The minority grouping of women that think over the top expensive, planned to the tiniest detail weddings are just overrated. Not that I don’t love the idea of dreaming about that most special day or striving for organized party perfection- whether it be in a… Continue reading Our Backyard Destination Wedding