Gabriela Suggs of Sage Rising

Welcome to my blog Sage Rising! A little bit about myself before I get started sharing my adventures and general good times: I’m Gabriela Suggs, or Gabi, originally from Santa Fe, but I find myself calling Colorado home nowadays. I had an idea to start a blog where I could share my all my outdoor adventures and fun loving lifestyle while at the same time practice my writing- so that one day my hopes of being published can come to fruition. So here we are! But who is Gabi Suggs? Let’s see… I love anything and everything outdoors, from hiking and exploring new spots to fly-fishing and sitting by a campfire! I also have a deep-rooted passion in cooking and eating well, and I think that stems from my love of nature’s perfection in everything it creates. I live for fresh air and wide open spaces. I feel most at home when either in the kitchen, or of course in the mountains of Colorado. I feel truly blessed to be living here. I also strongly believe in the conservation of our great outdoors, and respect the sanctity of an untouched landscape. Writing about the outdoors is an escape for me, something I cherish deeply and I hope to stumble upon places unaltered by mankind as long as I live.
My adventure partners are my very dear avid outdoorsman/professional soccer playing husband, Josh, and our son Sage. Follow along as we explore Colorado, New Mexico, everywhere else life takes us fishing, backpacking, and adventuring all along the way!