Trip Down South

We took a trip to southern Colorado the first chance we got. Josh had a day off and a late training session the following day so we got two nights and a whole day mini vacay at the cabin during his season?!?!?! I’ll take it. The drive was about 3 hours- not bad at all if you’re us, and you’re used to cross country treks every few months. And an hour plus drive to get to any real town with real grocery stores. Needless to say we were beyond excited- for the drive, the fishing, the mountains, the endless hot water heater and the in home washer/dryer. That’s right, we packed up all our laundry in hampers and trash bags like college kids we took our laundry home with us. Because in a great sense what the cabin stands for, for us, is home. It’s the dreams we have of one day living full time there- or part time when the weather is prime. Josh and I are always on the same page and we both know in our hearts that it’s where we want to end up hopefully sooner than later. 

There’s not really any perfect words to describe how the mountains make me feel and how thankful I am to be engulfed in them with my loved ones. When we’re in our sacred spots- fishing or just being- the Earth stops turning and all of its problems melt away. I want so badly to pass these places down to Sage as untouched and pristine as we have found them. But I realize that world we live in is changing- from climate change and bark beetle or from reckless over fishing by people who don’t share the same respect for these creatures as we do- and it’s disheartening. Secret spots bear their weight down on my already nervous, heavy heart. But! At the end of the day, worrying doesn’t get much of anything accomplished, though it might get in the way of enjoying the experiences we are lucky enough to have.

 This weekend trip was full of the best kind of adventures, and we soaked up every second of them. I caught my first grand slam- in a single day at that! Rainbow, Brown, Brooke, Cutthroat. I think that’s quite the accomplishment, a fishing day to go down in the books. We got to wet wade- it was cold at first and refreshing for the rest of the afternoon. The scenery was breath taking, so green, so lush, so secluded! 


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