Time Away, Well Spent

It’s been a while since my last blog post. But the time away has been well spent. We continue to explore the surroundings of our fleeting Colorado home- a scenic hour’s drive of any real town- and an organic grocery store. But we love it. And that’s how we want it. We feel truly happy out here.

Josh has been called to work- away games- so often as of late. Away for five days, home for two, gone for another three. We’re adventure partners so part of me feels gone with him. Another part is exhausted from holding down the fort, comforting and cooking for a teething baby. 

There’s always a brain-wracking set of choices I face when little man finally goes down for a nap. Do I shower? Or do I eat? Do I take a nap too? Do I sit down and put my feet up and veg out editing some photos? Pain staking. Choosing which of your own basic needs is more deserving of being met. Forget about going to the post office, or sitting down to write. Those are secondary. Or at least they have been lately. 

When Josh is home though, our itinerary has been non-stop, fun filled, adventure packed greatness. We’ve been able to fish nearly every day, go shed hunting or hiking around on days that the fishing seemed daunting- i.e. Memorial Day weekend. Also had a chance to get some things done around the house- planted an herb garden, properly buried the skull of a deceased dog someone had dumped (how sad is that?! Hopefully the poor thing can rest easy now) and we’re in the process of getting our outdoor area set up with some string lights before my mama comes to visit *gasp*. 

I want to share some photos that I haven’t shared on Instagram at our @sagerising account! 

We found a mountain spring Sage just had an absolute blast playing in when we stopped for a break on a super hot hiking outing. 
Fishing some deep murky pools! I’m so amazed at how green everything is slowly turning- what a dream! 

Josh with a sun Ray colored cutthroat, before our camera upgrade- this was one of those fish we just wish to have captured better- but! Another day, another fish, all on the horizon. 

So much soccer as of late! And we love it. We’re so lucky to lead the lifestyle we do simply because Josh gets to spend more than half the day at home after his training sessions are over. Josh is also doing amazing, and I’m getting my soccer fix in- in the off season I actually go through withdrawals not watching him play. Isn’t he just the most handsome EVER?! 


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