Fly-tying Friends 

I’m super excited- I feel like I’m already saying that too much but it’s the truth- to share that we’ve been receiving some top knotch flies ! We reached out to some fellow instagrammers, and I can honestly say the response was amazing for us still just breaking the wake on social media. And it looks like our fly game is about to be changed in the best of all possible ways…! Just after yesterday alone, a day of us just slaying- doing better than we have since moving up here- we’re filled with high spirits. I can’t wait to get back out there! 

 We’ve had some bad luck with flies that we’ve bought in the Springs. Bead heads that change from gold to silver in a matter of casts, or flies that just plain out fall apart without us catching any fish to wear them out. Disappointing to say the least. And it’s expensive! When it turns out we’re paying for quantity over quality I find myself shaking my head. I know I’ve definitely considered diving into the Arkansas and wrestling a few rocks to get  our flies back when we’ve snapped off a good three or four we tied on. That’s pretty bad and the only thing worse in my opinion is losing them to a fish. Every fishermen can relate to not only being heartbroken when a monster fish snaps you off, but you lose your flies too- it’s like being kicked when you’re down. 

So! Yay! Some of our friends on Instagram, from far and wide, have decided to send us out some flies to ease our suffering, and just plain save the day. From as far as Australia even! And as close to our past as California!! Some Colorado tiers too. I love being able to share my passion for fly fishing with these guys! I simply cannot wait to catch some stunners with their handy work. After all, teamwork is the greatest advantage when it comes to fishing. 

Get in touch with me if you’d like to get some publicity for your tying! We’d more than love to catch some fish on your flies (: 


Instagram:  @sagerising


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