Raising Our Photography Game

So we’re thinking about saving up and putting some money aside for a decent camera. Not that I’m not amazed at the quality photos my iPhone takes, or surprised by some of the shots our hand-me-down decade old canon takes… But! It may just be time to take a major leap forward into more professional shots. After all, documenting Sage’s childhood in HD and a few fish here and there would be worth it in the long run. Right ?! 

But silly me, I had plenty of headaches trying to figure out WordPress and it’s customizing, I’m still dumbfounded by the social link buttons I can’t make appear- and now to figure out what kind of camera to blow some serious dough on. Get me some advil I feel the headache coming on already…

I love photography. I admire it. But from a far. A distance far enough away that I have no real concrete idea as to how a lot of shots are taken. My favorite Instagram accounts are all lead by professional grade shots, and I can’t get enough! My father in law is an amazing photographer, and his shots take my breathe away. And while I’d love a camera to be able to capture my surroundings in as beautiful quality as I’m witnessing in my on eyes our ever-encompassing landscape, I want one that’s just as good at taking portraits of people. Because it’s no secret that I want thousands of pictures of Josh and Sage and some modge podge so that I can turn them into HD wallpaper- just kidding! Seeing if i had lost you yet. Hah. 

Anyways, suggestions ?! I don’t know what dslr is- yipes! I’ve done a base line of research and I’m liking the fully range of quality Sony seems to offer- with video and all that. Teach me! Please ! What are your preferences ? What’s the best bang for our hard earned buck ?? 


One thought on “Raising Our Photography Game

  1. Go Canon or Nikon…also Sony. Beautiful memories and things must get captured experienced and shared. You can cruise bandh.com and see some great cameras. For starters, investing is great. You can get a lovely dslr for say $550 to $950. You just have to keep in mind the body is not normally what makes the photos POP, but the lens of choice. In which why I say Canon or Nikon and grab a neat 50mm prime lens (i know I am talking in tongues…) but yup that would be a good start. Also you can go to Youtube to see people demoing the cameras you may be interested in in-the-field. Good Luck. For all blogging questions or tips on wordpress.com, I gotcha anytime you need any tips or troubleshooting.

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