Fly fishing- My Introduction

Fly fishing is a beautiful sport, artistic even. As it connects you to the most beautiful locations nature has to offer, it also binds you to the mysteries that lie beneath the water. There’s nothing better than being in a creek surrounded by mountains, wading in water as clear as glass, deeply anticipating a strike. Pure bliss! The excitement we feel, the rush,  when catching a fish can only be surpassed by catching a bigger one. Or how about even catching a rarer one, a Golden Trout, a pure Colorado Cutthroat- nature’s protected secrets.

I’m so thankful my husband has been patient enough to introduce me to fly fishing, for he’s the very best teacher I could hope to find. We’re so blessed to live in a place where world renowned fly fishing is just an afternoon escape right out our backdoor. I’m super excited to share our fly fishing adventures with you- and to hopefully inspire you to get outside exploring, maybe even enjoying fishing the waters Mother Nature so intricately perfected yourself- who knows! 


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