Shed Hunting- first go

The day after my husband plays a game we usually have the day off, which makes that day the golden egg of the week. We plan all week where we want to go explore, do some in detail map reading and find a perfectly unknown adventure to embark on. This Sunday we decided to go shed hunting. Treasure hunting. Despite our best efforts, looking at game maps to find the winter range for the elk and mule deer that call the Colorado Rockies home, we ended up in the wrong spot. But we weren’t complaining- only on the drive over when my son Sage decided he has a newfound allergy to dairy free yogurt ?! What?! How does that even happen? Anyways, poor thing proceeded to vomit countless times. Being the reactionary mother I am, I somehow thought it would be a good idea to catch the yogurty baby vomit in my hands to spare the truck’s interior of the smell I still can’t shake. Poor thing, poor me too right? We pulled over to the side of a road, if you could call it a road in the first place so he could get it all out of his system and onto my clothes and hair. But being my tough little guy, Sage seemed to just sleep it off and as we pulled out onto bumpy BLM roads he awoke happy as ever to get out and get going. During our Sunday fun day we found an abandoned cabin, no telling how old, at the base of a gorge with a little stream trickling through growing to a substantial creek a few miles in. We climbed to the top of the gorge cliffs to see mountains touching the sky for as far as the eye can see. We found pastures on the top of mountains with deer and elk sign everywhere you turned. Found a little two point shed, the only shed we found, as we are learning that the deer and elk up here shed their antlers much later than they do in New Mexico. We also found the remains of a mule deer skull, with green mossy lichen growing under the eye sockets. I think that all in all, although we didn’t hit the shed jackpot this round, we stumbled across a beautiful hike and an area we’ll go back to again and again. Colorado is truly wonderful that way.


A creative writing piece inspired by the quote “the mountains are calling”


The mountains are calling

And I must answer.

I must get away from the hustle and bustle.

The mundane sounds of city life are suffocating.

Crowded streets, crowded lives, crowded thoughts,

I must get away.

I must escape.


The mountains are calling

And I must answer.

I have to get away and find my peace.

My backpack is packed, my boots, tied.

Fleeing to the truck I head for solace.

The mountains are calling, louder as I get closer.

High up into the fresh alpine air, I ascend.

Sounds of the wind gusting through canyons surround me,

While hidden eyes within the Aspen watch as I make my way.

Escape is near.


The mountains are calling

And I have answered.

I had to get away from all that held me down below the elevation.

Here, surrounded by the sounds of nature, engulfed in an endless forest,

I find paradise.

I find escape.

The mountains are calling, and I have answered.

The sounds of wildlife scurrying atop their terrain, takes me to simpler times.

A hawk glides effortlessly in the distance.

Trout find their domain in a creek below.

I feel the tracks of deer and elk that have walked this earth before me.


The mountains have called and I have answered.

The mountains have called me home.


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