Our Backyard Destination Wedding

I guess I would call myself part of a minority. The minority grouping of women that think over the top expensive, planned to the tiniest detail weddings are just overrated. Not that I don’t love the idea of dreaming about that most special day or striving for organized party perfection- whether it be in a dreamy dress or a fancy set menu or the VIP guest list where everyone sits at a thought out seat for dinner! That just wasn’t for me, that wasn’t for us. I think that the day you get married is just as much about the man as it is the woman, after all it’s a union where two people become one. What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life together than having a day that’s centered around who you are as a couple?! 

Well, our wedding was just that! Just us! And a few select others, of course. Josh and I were engaged, thrilled, so in love- and still are! Caught up in life’s fast pace and love and lust- we had a little wedding crasher along board. At thirteen weeks pregnant we were debating on getting married on paper before Sage came, and then celebrating afterwards- but then my in laws put their lovely good natured feet down and said a couple like us, soon to be parents, and perfect soul mates deserved a gosh darn wedding ! And so Josh said, let’s get married this weekend..! Ughhh….. Wait what ?! 

I’m not going to lie, I had always thought of picking out the perfect dress and trying like young girls do for prom, to look my best getting my hair done and nails and all that. But that was never me I’ve had a manicure once in my life and I walked around like I had superglue all over my fingers and Popsicle sticks stuck under my nails. I hated trying clothes on, it was the worst part of shopping, every girl can attest- we want something that fits perfect, makes us look good, it’s trendy, we get compliments on it, and it’s comfortable! Is that too much to ask for?!  So being me, and stranded in the middle of small town New Mexico, I ordered a dress of the Internet, it came in and I loved it. Meant to be! If only every dress we buy was as easy as that. Everything else in our wedding turned out just as perfect, who would have thought? With four days to plan I called to get a food order, some desserts made. We called the family and flew mine out. Rented some chairs, bought some flowers to decorate the aisle. I made my own bouquet and bouttineres for all the men in attendance. Got a bow tie and cuffs for our ring bearer “doggie,” picked out some beer and sparkling apple cider, and set up in the back yard! 

Now we’re lucky Josh’s parents have a house that backs up to BLM land and a million dollar view. But keeping our wedding simple, starting off our marriage in a good spot financially without spending a ton on one day you can’t beat that.

I feel as if our wedding day was perfect in every way. It was about us, centered around starting our life together, our union before God and God’s great Earth, and it was beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing! Here’s some pictures to enjoy ! 


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