imageimageimageimageimageDay trips to Yosemite. Living in LA we had a few weekends to get out of the city and explore. We lived for those weekends. We’d head through miserable traffic and the dusty valley just to get up to the Sierras. Nothing better than perfect weather, clear skies, and summertime. Yosemite was gorgeous-not as off the beaten path as we usually like- but definitely something to see. We got away from the crowds and had a picnic by the river.

Sampson was so excited to be riverside he jumped straight off a huge fallen tree we were crossing the river on. The current swept Sam up against the tree and Josh and I were both sprinting to keep even with him, praying he didn’t get pulled under. He was bounced along side the tree trunk for what felt like minutes. Sam’s a strong swimmer, he swims all the time just for the thrill of it, he even does laps-and in the Pacific Ocean currents he still holds his own. But poor doggie was being thrown about the Merced like a wet doll. Josh and I were holding our breaths as he was finally pushed to shore. Sam clung to the muddy root of a tree with his paws, eyes wide and shaking all over. Phew! Not five minutes later he had forgotten the close call and was playing in the water picnic side.


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